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Johannesburgs dumbest policeman

Killer-M | On 01, Apr 2013

Johannesburgs dumbest policeman

No, this is not an April fools prank – this is however an indication of the state of the deteriorating qualifications of the South African police forces.

Affirmative action certainly comes with its drawbacks as under qualified and trained members are pushed into positions, more importantly positions that should ensure the safety of the general population…

Firearm safety however has very little meaning for this officer.


  1. CharonPDX

    “Affirmative action certainly comes with its drawbacks”

    Uh, racist much? It’s not “affirmative action” any more in South Africa, it’s “employment”. Employment discrimination has been barred for 15 years now (holy cow, has it really been that long?) and while they do have an “affirmative action” program, it’s not exactly hard to find capable black Africans to fill positions.

    Finally, how do you know affirmative action had anything to do with this picture? The only skin you can see is the tips of fingers, in the shade. That could easily be a white African in the picture. (Although in 2006, the Johannesburg police force actually had a HIGHER percent of black Africans than affirmative action mandated – 73% of Johannesburg is black, but 81% of the police force was. (I can’t find newer numbers.)

  2. PurePorsche

    Excellent points Charon. However which ever way you slice it, this officer should not be handling firearms – we know that for sure from the photo.

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