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Cars n Guns | June 17, 2019

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Ultimate Bug-Out sleeping bag, Ultra Lightweight -20 degC Recon 3

Killer-M | On 27, Jan 2013

Bug out sleeping bag you should not be without, ultra lightweight Recon 3

Review Overview

Light weight


Great bug-out/survival sleeping bag, extremely compact and light, although previous versions had problems with their zips tearing.

Ultimate survival sleeping bag – be it a bug out kit, hunting or pure survival purposes, this is a bag you don’t want to be without.

Recon 3 sleeping bag is an ultra-compact generation 2 bag, that’s insanely durable, warm and rated to be used in two seasons with up to -20 degrees Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit) weather. It’s already in use with a large number of military forces in Iraq including RAAF, US Air force and various NATO forces. Fitted with heavy duty zippers, single batting filament of thermalite for insulation and has a lining inside that would allow you to wear boots within the bag without wrecking the interior. They are super lightweight, weighing under 4 lb,

Priced at $173.95

More info at:


Military/Survival sleeping bag

The 1220 sleeping bag is a military 2 season sleeping bag, the sleeping bag can be laundered in the normal manner and will perform more efficiently than bags with natural fillings when wet. The bag and the compression sack weigh approx 2lbs 15oz (1.33kg). The Compression Sack spider both reduces the volume of the rolled bag for carriage and also provide a waterproof outer to prevent the bag from getting wet. Packs up very small so you can stash it away in your kit. Available in OLIVE DRAB.

1. Outer top shell made from 210T Ripstop Nylon with a Teflon finish.
2. Outer bottom shell made from 210D Nylon Oxford with PU2000mm waterproof finish.
3. Inner shell made from 210T Ripstop Nylon.
4. 100gm per square meter Dupont Thermolite™ Micro insulation.
5. Insulation incorporates an ultra-thin barrier of anti-bacterial pure silver micro fibre which also increases its heat retaining capability.
6. Insulation is flat filled to prevent cold spots.
7. Internal baffle foot is re-inforced with 210D Nylon Oxford with PU2000mm waterproof finish to limit damage from boots.
8. Internal and external hanging tabs.
9. Bonded seams
10. Central double puller, heavy duty No 8 spiral zip with storm flap.
11. Anti-snag zip with Velcro tab closure.
12. Draw cord and barrel lock in hood.
13. Shaped hood for extra comfort.
14. Internal PDA pocket
15. 210D Nylon Oxford spider compression sack.
16. Designed for operations in -5 degree Celsius locations.
17. Dims unpacked: Length 220cm. Width: at shoulders 85cm. at feet 55cm.
18. Dims packed in compression sack: 21cm x 20cm
19. Weight: 1.35kg
20. NATO Stock No. 66 – 146-06-76
21. ISO 9001:2000 compliant



  1. nutnfancy

    These look like decent sleeping bags. They are similar to Snugpack military bags and have the same quality levels. These are the RECON brand sleeping bags made in Australia with Dupont Thermolite Micro insulation. They come in various temp ranges and weights; all are very compactible. They are lighter bags out there with same compactness but they will usually be more expensive. Features: olive drab 210 denier nylon, #8 zippers, baffles, mummy design and long enough for tall folks, included compression sack, bottom shell has polyurethane 2000mm waterproof finish (cool), internal gear pocket, woven in silver micro fiber, bonded seams, and more. Not tested in TNP, I cannot vouch for the longevity oe warmth levels but the value looks good and it would be a great bag option in your BOK.

  2. alexbog88

    I had a recon-4 in Afghanistan in 2011. The zipper was horable. It would constantly would rip open. I even wrote to the company to get a replacement and got no response. I do not recomend this product at all!!!!!!!!!!

  3. QuiksiIver

    Aussie here … I always try to buy American/European/Australia when I can. Simply because I find those nations ‘tend’ to produce products with better quality control and durability. Recon sleeping bags are good, not great, but good.

  4. frankgon4

    5 DEGREE C  comes to 41 F. That is before you add the 15 to 20 degrees that Nutn says to ad. So it is really a 55 degree sleeping bag??

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