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Cars n Guns | June 17, 2019

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RE Factor Tactical Operator Band

Killer-M | On 23, Dec 2012

RE Factor Tactical Operator Band

The RE Factor Tactical Operator Band is the first band designed to fit the mission needs of Special Operations Personnel.  The band was designed to allow the operator to have survival essential items at all times.  The P51 can opener can be removed from the bracelet without causing damage to the rest of the band for use in a survival situation.  The flint can also be used as a sink weight for the fishing hook and line. The cord is military grade, not something you find at a fabric store. It comes with 12′ of 550 Paracord (capable of supporting a full grown adult), 30′ of 80lb Fishing Line, a fishing hook, a whistle molded into buckle, a can opener, and a flint fire starter rod.


  • 12′ of 550 Paracord
  • 30′ of 80lb Fishing Line
  • 1 x #8 fishing hook
  • 1 x handcuff key locked into the buckle
  • 1 x p51 can opener
  • 1 x flint fire starter rod
  • 1 x snare/leader wire
  • Developed by a Special Forces SERE Level C Graduate
  • Made in the USA by a US Army Combat Veteran

Sizing the Band

Step 1) Take tape measure and measure your wrist at the largest part.
Step 2) Based on that measure measurement choose the size that best fits your wrist:

S- Up to 6.5″
M- 6.5″-7.5″
L- 7.5″-8.5″

Priced at: $49.95




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