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Cars n Guns | June 17, 2019

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Tactical Tomahawk LFT01

Killer-M | On 27, Dec 2012

Tactical Tomahawk LFT01

Either as a survival tool or if you’re looking at a cool battle-prop for an “Assassins creed” outfit for next Halloween, this battle ready Tomahawk will certainly do the trick. It’s made from D2 Tool steel, has a robust black Teflon coating, which means it will pretty much withstand all the abuse you can throw at it.

The head, they claim is razor sharp, and the rear point holds a tanto like edge that even further adds to it’s impressive penetrating capabilities.  Its pommel is well suited for hammering and incorporates a large lanyard hole for the attachment of a carabineer or rope lanyard.  The LFT01’s ergonomic G10 handle has been designed for multiple handhold positions to suit all operators, during single or double-handed use.


This thing is capable to chew it’s way through a concrete cinder block with just a few swipes – not bad for a ax not much larger than a forearm.



the Tomahawk retails for just under $350 and is available from the following Australian manufacturer:

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