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Cars n Guns | June 17, 2019

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2013 Porsche 991 Turbo GT3 and GT2 Revealed

Killer-M | On 12, Dec 2012

2013 Porsche 991 Turbo GT3 and GT2 Revealed

Now things start to get interesting, with the arrival of forced induction set to move the 991 into another performance league. As with the current car, the new 991 Porsche Turbo will get a wider bodywork and what is confirmed by early spy shots, big air intakes ahead of the rear wheels. The rear wheels look to be 20-inch as standard.

There’s also a low rise fixed wing to neutralize rear lift at the turbo’s 200mph+ top speed.

Don’t expect the Porsche 991 Turbo to have a huge increase in power over the 997: “we’re anticipating that the twin-turbocharged version of the latest 3.8 liter flat six will have around 520bhp. This is in comparison to the current car which throws down a whopping 493bhp and just short of the 997 Turbo S sitting at a 530bhp mark.

Porsche is also likely to offer the Targa version of the 991 for those who can’t quite choose between the coupe and the cabriolet. The Targa will probably feature a power-operated glass roof. Additionally expect a GTS and a chopped-down version of the speedster too. We’re less likely to see a 991 hybrid despite previous reports. Porsche insiders admit the 150kg weight penalty of an electric motor and batteries would substantially take away from the spirited driving experience we’ve come to expect from a Porsche.

The combination of four wheel drive, launch control and a PDK seven speed double clutch gearbox means that the Turbo should be able to trim its time for the 0-62mph sprint to just under 3 seconds.

2013 Porsche 991 GT3

Although it’s still two years away, details about the next GT3 have already started to leak out. Early reports that the car would only be offered with Porsche’s new seven speed transmission look wide off the mark. However company insiders confirm that the new car is being tested with the PDK, twin clutch gearbox. But otherwise the GT3 will stick closely to the recipe that made it’s 996 and 997 predecessors so successful, which is a close relationship to Porsche’s Cup racer, a high revving naturally aspirated engine, rear wheel drive and a larger, fixed rear wing. We’ve been told the new GT3’s output will split the difference between the 997-gen GT3 3.8 and the GT3 RS 4.0 liter, meaning something around the 470bhp mark. But, as ever with the GT3, power will only be part of the story.

2014 Porsche 991 GT2

Okay – now we’re really starting to get speculative, and for the record, Porsche hasn’t admitted to even intending to build another GT2. But, given the 997 GT2’s hypercar-baiting abilities, we recon the company would be mad not to. As with the previous car, we believe the power will come from a tuned version of the 991 Turbo’s engine and get delivered to the rear wheels only. Probably through a PDK transmission. The power output should be somewhere around 600bhp. It should be noted that the Porsche 997 GT2 RS managed to squeeze out a whopping 611bhp from its older technology (yet one of the most bullet proof engines on the planet: the Mezger) 3.6 liter engine. The 991 GT2 would likely be one of the quickest 911’s ever built.


  1. Will the new 991 GT3 only be available with the fixed rear wing?

  2. PurePorsche

    Hey PAT – it would appear so. The 996, 997 were all released with fixed rear spoilers, so my guess is that the trend will continue with the 991 models.

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