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Cars n Guns | May 26, 2019

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Remembering my first Porsche moment

Killer-M | On 10, Jan 2013

Remembering my first Porsche moment

I was around 4 years old, 1980 – yet some of the memories are still rather vivid, My father was leading the solidarity movement in one of Poland’s Shipyards at the time. Poland being a communist state, we received 24 hrs. notice that he, together with many other would be arrested. We had to flee to neighboring Austria. That night was chaotic and we could bring very little – the one toy I could never leave behind was a little Porsche 930 Turbo (macadamia colored, hotwheels – I think it was). That iconic car with me for many years after, traveling with us all the way to South Africa. It’s that little toy that solidified the dream of one day owning a Porsche Turbo. Fast forward a few decades and now I’m on my second Porsche, and not looking to change out any time soon.







  1. KrisNovak

    When my dad picked me up from primary school in a special coloured carrera soft top I nearly cried

  2. GitteTønner

    Testdrove my first/only Porsche Dec 6 2011, bought it straight away. Still in love with my Boxster.

  3. KristinianaSchunn

    Every Porsche moment is like a first Porsche moment. It´s just like “WoOoW” beautiful! Beautiful design, GREAT sound and OHHH the car is away…..

  4. BradMason

    Yes, watching my father drive around the corner in his brand new 1986 Porsche 911 Targa Carrera. It was love at first sight.

  5. PiotrMyrcha

    In a cayman with professional racing driver on a deserted airfield… I was 15 back then! Still, I remember it like it was yesterday

  6. Alejandro

    I was about 7 (1986), visiting Germany for the second time wanting to touch snow for the first time. At a “Raststäte” I ran to the little snow on the bushes and then I heard “the sound”… looking to the Autobahn I saw a gray 911 fly by… fell in love instantly…

  7. EddieBlake

    In 1979, a small three year old child tries to make out the word “Daddy’s Por-cha”. It was winter, the snow fell on the beloved off-white custom paint job 924. Many years were spent fitting in those “back seats”. As I aged (and outgrew those seats) I spent some time “steering”. I couldn’t wait to drive it. Alas, I had to wait many years until I owned my own 944 Celebration Edition. I do remember the old man almost buying a 930 Turbo. “Do it! Buy it!”. He didn’t listen, then again, having a 18 year old in the house and a 930 probably was a smart idea on Dad’s part not to have it around

  8. Ashley

    First Porsche moment? My step-dad had two – a 944 Turbo, and a 928-S. First time I ever drove one? 911 Turbo at Donington Circuit. Fell completely in love ever since, and looking to get my very own Porsche Carrera S this summer

  9. MichaelSchemm

    I was 15, me and friends skateboarding at a parking space and suddenly a 993 targa arrived. all were stunning and one said: “god id be so proud if my father had a car like this!” suddely the porsche gets next to me and my fathers in there coming to pic me up. he bought it that day without telling it to anybody. the first porsche in our family is going to stay in the family forever.

  10. ChristopheBignoli

    When I was 16, I had a very realistic dream : I had a Black 911 waiting for me in my dad’s garage. When I woke that day, I decided to go to school with “my Porsche”. It took me 10 minutes to realise it was just a dream and I had no car at all. It was such a painfull come back to reality! 19 years later, at the age of 35, I bought my first 911 (black 997 Carrera 4S) and I put it in my dad’s garage, just like I saw it in my dream 19 years before.

  11. MatsErikAgefur

    It was 2011, I went to a retailer in Stockholm with my sisters husband. I’ve dreamed about this moment for weeks and told my self that I wanted to go there so my sisters husband went with me. I have never seen or set my foot inside a brand new Porsche and there it was – a brand new 991 Carrera S. I sat inside the car and said loud: God! There’s alot of space. I’m 206 cm tall and it felt like that the car was a bigger car then it was. That was my first moment and I’m 24 years old.

  12. RyanMoore

    It was 1990, I was 9 and a man in Chicopee Massachusetts won a 2yr lease on a guards red 911 Carrera 2. At that time I couldn’t tell the difference between a Carrera and a Citroen, but i was drawn to this Porsche. Moments after hearing about it in the radio the car arrived at a local soft-serve ice cream shop, and the newly minted owner motioned to me to come have a look. Love at first site. That moment led me to finally fulfill a dream and drive a 90′ c2 cabriolet while in college, and then own my own Carrera; and 02′ 911 C2 that was built on 9/11/01. Can’t wait for my 10month old son to remember his first Porsche moment!

  13. RyanMoses

    The year was 1979. I was three years old and my grandfather had a yellow 912 that I thought was the coolest car in the world. I even liked to ride in the backseat. I can still remember the sounds and smells of that beautiful car. Sadly he sold that car many, many years ago, but the memories are still there. Those were some good times. One day I’ll be bale to buy my first Porsche but it’s not going to be brand new. I want a classic 79-80 930 but I wouldn’t turn down a new 991. There’s just something about a Porsche.

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