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Cars n Guns | June 17, 2019

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The Panamera Sport Turismo concept - Cars n Guns

Killer-M | On 11, Dec 2012

The Panamera Sport Turismo concept study stands for Porsche’s way of using hybrid technology. With performance values from a standstill that exceed expectations, and with consumption values that many people may not expect – thanks to innovative drive technology. This is based on our philosophy which holds that the future of sports cars will not be defined by horsepower alone. Ideas are what start to move us forward.

Front of vehicle.

The large air intakes at the front serve a function – and define a style. Indicators and position lights are integrated within them into C-shaped light units. The 4-point LED headlights feature an innovative design. The front spoiler lip made of carbon speaks of sport.

The battery charging system.

As a plug-in hybrid, the fluid-cooled lithiumion battery can be charged externally via the vehicle’s charging interface. Depending on the infrastructure, the compact universal charging device (AC) does this in 2.5 hours or less.

TFT colour display.

In place of conventional instruments, drivers face a large, central TFT colour display on which they can view all the information and call up what they need – from the rev counter to driving information to navigation. At the right and left, 2 monitors show the images from the exterior mirror cameras. Two additional gauges show information on hybrid-specific driving states such as purely electrical drive.

Touching the display starts the e-hybrid. Naturally on the side that is typical for Porsche, namely, the left. The power meter on the instrument panel lights up in acid green and shows the system performance of the two drives. This gives the interior the ambiance of a cockpit.

Central console.

On the upward-sloping central console, drivers can control all the information on the fully innovative touch display with black-panel technology. A multi-touch system lets them operate all driving displays and control functions intuitively. The same is true of the automatic air-conditioning system, seat adjustment, light, reverse-drive camera and the functions of Porsche Communication Management (PCM).



Now to the rear. It has all the visibly discernable features of a Porsche. The rear lights with LED technology and the rear-light surround with the Porsche insignia have a 3-dimensional form. The adaptive carbon rear spoiler on the edge of the roof enhances downforce.

Wheels & air outlets.

Instead of exterior mirrors the Panamera Sport Turismo concept study has 2 cameras in its side air outlets. Their images are shown on digital displays in the cockpit.
The wheels feature double-arm spoke design and bi-colour optics, the brake callipers are acid green. The wheels’ centre mount recalls the origin of every Porsche – namely motorsport. And the future is evoked by the e-hybrid insignia on the sides and the Sport Turismo insignia edged in acid green on the rear.


Let’s start from the rear for a change, with the fluid-cooled high-voltage battery based on lithium-ion technology. Otherwise concealed under the floor of the luggage compartment, it is visible in this Panamera Sport Turismo concept study. The milled aluminium battery housing sits under electro-chromatic glass, which reveals the power source at the press of a button.


E-hybrid concept.

A hybrid generally means that at least 2 components work together – such as a combustion engine and an electric motor. For the Porsche e-hybrid drive, a third element enters the picture, namely the driver. Along with efficient charging systems and intelligent mobile online services, we are applying advanced hybrid technology in such a way that it satisfies 2 further elemental concerns in addition to reducing fuel consumption: high suitability for everyday driving, and efficient performance.

Porsche e-hybrid drive.

The concept is a parallel plug-in hybrid. This means that it can be driven by the combustion engine. Or just by the electric motor. Or jointly by both drives. And the high-voltage battery can be recharged externally. The 3.0-litre V6 supercharged engine generates 245 kW (333 HP), the high-torque electric motor approximately 70 kW (95 HP). The two assemblies combined generate an output of 306 kW (416 HP). Their interplay accelerates the concept study from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 6 seconds. At a fuel consumption level below 3.5 l for 100 km in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), and with CO² emissions below 82 g/km.

Driving modes.

The purely electrical driving mode (e-power) is the standard set operating mode. Depending on the battery level, the car can drive for more than 30 km on purely electrical power in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), and that at speeds of up to around 130 km/h. The combustion engine is activated if needed – or by kick-down in a tenth of a second. The e-power model is ideal for driving with no emissions and nearly soundlessly in urban areas.

In hybrid mode the electric motor and the combustion engine join forces to achieve high efficiency and comparatively low fuel consumption. The electric motors give an additional impulse when boosting, such as when overtaking another vehicle. The combustion engine is switched off in coasting mode, and the car glides. The Panamera Sport Turismo can also recover energy to charge the battery.

Mobile online services.

From technology to the driver. The mobile online services enable drivers to access and process all important information about the car via a smartphone app. The most important hybrid functions include e-distance management, namely information on the remaining charging time and the battery status as well as the e-distance display. There is also a charging timer with user-defined times.
Another application of the mobile online services is remote control of the air-conditioning system – to both heat and cool the interior – also when the car is stopped with the combustion engine switched off. Drivers can use a smartphone to locate the car at any time and show the shortest route to where it is parked.

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