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Cars n Guns | June 17, 2019

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Wagging the Dog, Solid Engine Mounts for the Porsche 997

Killer-M | On 20, Dec 2012

Wagging the Dog, Solid Engine Mounts for the Porsche 997

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handling difference over stock
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One serious problem with the 997 Turbo  (in stock form) is the fact that it uses really soft, “cushiony” mounts. They were primarily introduced to give the super car a more touring like driving feel, reduce engine vibration and cabin noise. This decision was a terrible mistake that was corrected in 2010 when Porsche introduced dynamic engine mounts, however RSS has come up with a perfect solution for the 2007 – 2009 cars.

RSS has developed a set of solid engine mounts that perform ridiculously well. Having these installed in my 2007 TT for close to a year, I can’t even imagine going back to the soft, spongy feel of the stock units. Turn in and turn out is dramatically better and more importantly acceleration, deceleration r any change in momentum happens almost instantly with no delay and no unexpected mass that you find yourself fighting corner to corner.







  1. RNS

    Very cool. Look forward to hearing driving impressions of before/after.
    How involved is the installation process? Any recommendations on when to pair up this install with other scheduled maintenance work to save labor?

  2. sharkster

    It’s really not that bad. Just need to hold/support the engine from below while swapping them out. Most places do it in an hour or so.

  3. 512bb

    Do these keep the engine in the stock position or do they lower them a bit? If they lower the engine, can you tell me by how much?
    Also, are you making or planning on making a transmission mount also – with urethane?

  4. Valley996TT

    Okay. I installed these this past Saturday in under 1 hour and I must say, these not only look good but I noticed a definite difference in how the car reacts to throttle inputs. After 81K miles my mounts needed to be changed. Anyway, the car feels more connected, quicker even. Even sitting in the garage revving the engine is noticeably different in that the car doesn’t “shake” when I rev and release the gas peddle. There is no “give” in the driveline. As far as the ride is concerned, it did not get any harsher. I recommend these mounts to anyone thinking of getting them. Sharkwerks has put out a great product.

  5. pureporsche

    The Guys from RSS are Rock Super Stars!!!!!

    The car feels so much more solid – it’s unbelievable!
    You guys have a blockbuster item with this engine mount product.

    I fully encourage all to perform this upgrade.

  6. VID997

    After driving the car for a few days now, “sloppiness” is not a word that comes to mind at all. The shifting feels very solid and precise. Firm, direct, and positive would be another way to characterize it. Also, I have noticed an increase in engine noise within the cabin, which I actually like. It has a higher pitch sound to the rmp’s, kind of Ferrari’ish. Keep in mind I have a Tubi RACE System which adds to the overall sound as well.

    It may not be for everyone, but I like it. The car now has more of a “RAW” sound and feel to it…a good thing in my book. With my suspension, engine work, exhaust system, tire choice, and now these engine mounts, its a far cry from a “luxury” Sport GT.

  7. pureporsche

    I’d say that the noise is probably a byproduct of the exhaust. I’m running a full TechArt system and as far as I can tell there’s no added noise in the cabin. Well I certainly didn’t notice any, until you now mentioned it – which has me thinking maybe there is, but no way in a negative way – feels and sounds fantastic.

    Spent yesterday, the whole day, ploughing through the Canadian Rockies!
    All the sloppiness is GONE! Amazing how much more precise the car feels. You touch the gas and the car responds, that 100/th (or two) of a second makes all the difference!

  8. pureporsche

    I would imagine that they would make a difference over the 997.2 dynamic mounts, although certainly not as much as over the sloppy 997.1 hydraulic mounts.

    There is a weight saving – not a lot, but a few lbs never the less (and it’s above the center of of gravity)… but now I maybe pulling a straws

    The crux of the matter is that there are no RSR race cars that use the dynamic mounts – all of them go solid. Either way, I’d be curious for the experts to chime in

  9. kitw

    Initial impressions are that the whole car feels more solid. There is a teeny bit of additional vibration, especially at cold start, but once you are moving, it’s gone. Exhaust is a touch louder, too, but in a nice mechanical way, not a booming sound.

    Everything feels better, shockingly. The whole car drives more coherently. It definitely shifts better, especially when you are really out of shape. The small amount of additional noise is hardly noticeable and really worthwhile. Cuts down on the rear engine arse-oscillations in bumpy corners too. (My suspension is, at least for a little while, still stock)

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