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Cars n Guns | June 17, 2019

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Aviator Natural Leather Chair in Stainless Steel

Killer-M | On 16, Dec 2012

Aviator Natural Leather Chair in Stainless Steel

If you’ve flown through a worm hole from the 1940’s … piloting one of those hunking pieces of steel; You know – a 4 engined, mechanical contraption dropping loads of TNT behind enemy lines, using a sextant (or what ever mechanical devise they had in those days to measure distance – no GPS), I’m talking about a flying gunship!

Landing in the 21’st century and missing the luxury of natural leather and stainless steel… well here’s the chair for you. Actually it reminds me of something that you’ll order through a catalouge from the Pagani Zonda factory. Irrespective this piece is solid metal style right for any corner of a living room or a private home office.

Retaining at $1595 (oh and yes, the leather is A+ quality, every bit as plush/soft as it looks in the photo)








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